Press Coverage

05.20.14 Garden shines light on history, legacy
05.15.14 Grand opening of Astoria garden honors Chinese pioneers
05.13.14 It's a garden party! Garden of Surging Waves officially opens Saturday
05.09.14 Astoria's 'Garden of Surging Waves' set to open after winding journey
03.14 Astoria's newest park honors the culture and contributions of hard-working Chinese immigrants
03.06.14 Grand opening planned for Garden of Surging Waves
02.14.14 The Garden of Surging Waves may open Friday
11.22.13 Portland Chinese Times
11.18.13 Visitors applaud Chinese Garden
10.11.13 Astoria's artisan-built garden surges ahead
07.08.13 With fundraising complete, Garden of Surging Waves will be completed this fall
07.05.13 Portland Chinese Times
06.28.13 Portland Chinese Times
06.06.13 Donors rescue Chinese Garden: 'Dream come true' as benefactors match money for new Astoria landmark
04.25.13 Brick pavers available for purchase as park construction moves ahead
03.15.13 Portland Chinese Times
03.04.13 Garden of Surging Waves rolls forward
02.20.13 Garden of Surging Waves begins to grow
01.23.13 Garden of Surging Waves moves forward
09.25.12 DeMuro's $200,000 donation triggered January start; fundraising for completion moving forward
06.08.12 Grant awarded for Garden of Surging Waves
06.01.12 Federal cash boosts Astoria's Heritage Square
05.31.12 Astoria lands $400k for Heritage cleanup
04.18.12 Heritage Square: Building common ground
04.16.12 Garden of Surging Waves groundbreaking
04.16.12 Astoria embraces Chinese legacy
04.13.12 Astoria begins urban park project to help downtown development
04.05.12 Astoria announces ambitious plan to build Astoria Heritage Square, beginning with Garden of Surging Waves
03.22.12 After Deadline: Progress on Heritage Square
02.29.12 Downtown park needs money, square needs structural support
01.18.12 Downtown Astoria Block Named Heritage Square
10.07.11 90 Minutes of fundraising exceed $100,000; City of Astoria anticipates groundbreaking next April
10.04.11 Astoria park surges forward
06.08.11 Astoria leaders approve more details of Chinese Garden
05.18.11 Chinese Garden supporters embrace move to downtown Astoria location
10.18.10 Recognition starts with a blessing
10.15.10 Overlooked Astoria history will get its due
10.15.10 New garden will commemorate contribution of Chinese to Astoria
10.01.10 Astoria park will stand as pillar in honor of Chinese immigrants
09.28.10 Chinese Garden project moves a step closer
09.27.10 Astoria's Bicentennial Legacy Gift Arriving Soon - the Garden of Surging Waves
09.22.10 Chinese Garden art pieces caught in limbo
10.30.09 Chinese Times
10.20.09 Dragon sculpture breathes new life into Chinese Park project
04.15.09 Local firms donate time and money to create the Astoria Chinese Heritage Park in Oregon
03.19.09 Astoria Chinese Heritage Park leaps ahead
03.11.09 Five Rings Sculpture Art Company - letter to mayor
04.01.07 Oregon Stater Magazine
03.01.07 Coast Lines
12.12.06 Astoria Park to symbolize Chinese Heritage Tradition
10.19.06 Oregon Heritage News
06.08.06 Wu announces $75,000 for Chinese Heritage Park in Astoria
02.24.05 Trolley, Chinese Park among city goals